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Welcome to Dudley's Blog, Today I am sharing how I have done my custom orange for one of my model's. I will share everything even a link to my video's paint code and thinner's. NEEDED PART'S

You wont need the same brand as me for this, It's just I know and learned with the brand I use. I also am using a airbrouse.


Tamiya Lacquer Silver - LP - 11

Tamiya Acrylic Clear Orange - X - 26

Tamiya Lacquers Pearl Clear - LP - 49


Mr Hobby - Mr Color Rapid Thinner

Mr Hooby - Mr Color Leveling Thinner


Wet Wipes

Paint Facebmask

Paint Glove

Transfer Pipettes



Paintbooth/Place to paint


I got the model I wanted and then started doing the work what I nomily do to start my build's.


I used white primer for this, Because I didn't want to darken the color then after doing the 2 coat's I then left it for 2 day's to dry, and sanding down using 3000


I started to paint my model to get the basic silver and I did. I but 3 coat's on 1 coat then leave for 24hr then sand down with 3000, Before paint clean it with a wet wipe, Then again the same way. Then on the last coat don't sand leave it for 2 day's, Then come back and with a wet wipe clean it then get the main color in for me I used clear orange. I have tryed to do this without using clear and it didn't work so it seem's clear is better, Can use any undercoat can be use and the main color can be green if you like seen a clear green, But that is a silly color but just wanted to point out if you look around you can find any color.


Then after 2 day's of the paint drying, Then I got some clear to go over the model I put a very light coat on then left it for 24hr then came back sanded sown using 3000 then cleaned it' I did this 6 times the same way until I got deeper, This gives a shine and a good coat of clear so you can clean it when you need too, But I do this on all of my models

Thank you for Reading

Daniel Dudley

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