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Updated: Jun 16

First of all, I have done a blog on this model it's an unboxing of it, If you want to read it click here.

I have also done some Youtube videos of this model, even an unboxing click here if you want to watch them.

I am not saying I am the best. I have been doing this for just under 2 years, and there are better builders than me out there.

This blog is to help you and show you my way of building this model, and it may help you.


With every model I build. I start with the body shell/body. This build is no different, I start with sanding down. You might have your way which is great. But I have shared my means of preparation



After sanding, and then cleaning the model with soapy hot water, then clean warm water(no soap). then leave for 1 hour to air dry. After cleaning. Prime spray can users will need 2 coats. The airbrush users first coat spray lightly then sand with 3000 grade to find out more click here leave to dry for 1 hours.

After cleaning it then Prime sprays can users 2 coats of primer, with sanding between each coat over a period of 24 hours Airbrush users have better control and only need to spray lightly and sand after 1 hour, (That's my way, other modellers will have there way)

Paint here we go! I went for a hard paint zero paint it may be easier if you go for another paint Can users have it easy 1 spray then sand down then another spray then done.

Airbrushee users have more control so spray lightly and apply 2 coats of your choice of color, sand it down using 3000 grade sanding if you want to find out more "CLICK HERE coming soon". Then leave for 24 HOURS to dry.

While waiting you can start building the interior of the model and you can either paint or use the decals "CLICK HERE coming soon".

Then start building after underside and inside while you got the paint out all in Black leaving it to dry for 2-3hours

While you are waiting to start the clear on the shell I have a blog coming soon which I have made with my fellow supporters "CLICK HERE coming soon". Over the few days if using an airbrush lightly spray then sand with 3000-grade leave for 24 hours then the same again for 2 days. If you using a spray can then 2-3 coats then sand down and respray after 24 hours.

Airbrush sprayers heavy spray on the third day then leave to dry for 3 hours, then keep an eye on its drying status over the next 24 hours


This part is the part that makes you proud and happy.

Before you start make sure it is all painted. and leave to dry for 3 hours before Starting by putting inside on the bottom. Then carefully putting the bottom to the shell. for the clear parts use deluxe material glue and glaze head and backlights

There are some photographs of the kit built you can share your photographs under this blog





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