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Two Lambo (Back)

There was not a lot of sanding just on the body, and a little on the body kit, just was needed where cutting needed.

Test fit to see where parts go and how they fit.

You will have to sand more body to. The plastic will leave more where there are panel lines are. And the body kit separates.

Test fit the kit before gluing. So, you know how hard or easy it will be to fit together. Then glue it together.

Two Lambo (Frount)


After building putting the body kit on the body. Tip butty is better than poly filler., after trying both. Polyfilla, I had to use spruce glue and had to give time for the glue to dry and then sand it down. Mr White putty was easier, and paint covered it easier to and gave a better finish.



At this point all the hard work as paid off, and all you got to complete is the bits that do not show up when you paint go back to 180 sanding paper. When happy with the finish use Tamiya sponge sheets for more information CLICK HERE

You will need.

Water Sanding sponges,400,600,1000, and 3000once I got to 3000I then wiped it down with a damp wipe and allowed to air dry


This is the easiest part no more hard work. Mr Finishing Surface 1500 White for the body andthe under neath in Black. Same for Mr Colour Thinner Blue. Then then when finished and dry. I then sanded it down with 3000 sponges with water and wiped down then left to dry. More primer then leave to dry for 24hours.


The Blue parts are the parts as known by the body kit and the wheels, and the top sport. P.s. Walter wolf

Cement with Tamiya extra thin cement and trying to put body kit on the body /shell was difficult for no reason. The side and front was easy. But the wheels. Parts was hard. The cement would not stick which meant it just fell off. There is a little part which was the same. p.s Blue extra parts Addition al part will never fill as good as original parts.

The body kit was easy to put on, you do need t reshape the front wheel archies at the door or rear of the arch because it will not let the back wheel arches the sides will be flush and no gaps. P.s Countach special.

Before gluing, sanding the body/shell place the part down. Then sand with 180 and test fitting, then glue with Spruce glue. P.s tip put body kit.


After painting the inside of the car you need fit it all together and that is easy.

The colours I usedLP11 Silver, and Mr Finishing surface 1500 Black. I used my decal tools, I then used deluxe `n`Glaze to make the decal stay.


They are two types of inside but only got two of everything, but three steering wheels. Two colours grey is for stock, and Cream for non. This kit came with one it was stock. Less detail, but easier to make. P.s Tip I go all Black with Primer. Wolf, special


This party is easier than the body, this kit went together nicely, and glued together easily with Spruce glue. When building the underside, at the rear is Pengsten bay, sadly this did not have one. The back wheel brakes was a bit small to pick up. There is video here.

But it was easily.

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