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Model Nipper, Diagonal Cutter's for plastic

Welcome back to another blog by Daniel Dudley who is Dudley's Scale Model Car's, I am today sharing some nipper, diagonal cutter's, There's cutter's will can cost a bit but you can also use cheap one's. I just wanted to share my thoughts and my tools, To get all of my tools it took me over 3 year's from when I did this blog, If you know what you want and happy to save up you can get them.

I am not the best scale model builder out there, and you will never hear me saying that, because everybody will always learn new skill's through life.

If you want to see the videos what are on my channel you can here, Part 1, Part 2.

For about 7 month's I was using my dad's nippers they was for metel not plastic but worked up to I found out I love building models and I wanted to put more time to building, and found Dudley's Scale model Car's on all of the social media and youtube, I had basic tool's till the start of 2022 and I started in 2020, I just saved up and got all of my tools I started with getting Cutters the first ones I got was BOENFU Flush Cutter 2 Pack Cable and only cost £6 and free shopping and I have still got thse now, They are Cheap cutter's have lasted me a long time, Sadly can brake easy but good to have and many people keep useing them, you can get better ones, If you want to get closer to he sprue there are cutters for that but the cheap ones are good too but you can get closer with theres now, You now don't have to have Tamily, I do because at the time these was only Tamily I knew about, But there are other's like P.I.T, Army Painter Hobby, But I have got TAMIYA 74001, TAMIYA 300074123, Tamiya 74035. I use them all, It depends by what you are cutting, When I cutting the body parts I use the 74123 this will get close as moutch sprue off before sanding, This to me helps to keep the sanding with the 180 down becouse I found the 180 sometime's can leave scratch's on the plastic, Sometimes I need to use all 3 but it's not that often, I also found the cheap cutter's the one's cost £6 are good for resin kit's and parts, and after use the 74001 with a 180 only sand where you need and you should be out, What I do and it works with plastic and resin is cut off what you need to cut off then get a 180 sand down where you cut then with a sanding stick 400 to 3000 sand it down only on the part's you cut and on the steam line, Then after that get water then from 400 to 3000 sanding sponcer sand down everything, I found this help's you get the scratch's from the 180, But you also don't have left over sprue and steam line's, If you have a other way do it, But I found this way work's for me so I use it, I am not saying get the Tamiya cutter's the cheap one's will do just fine, Just sometime's it better to have just more to hand to help you to build. Thank you

Daniel Dudley

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