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Model building tools for beginners

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

started building having no tools and I had to borrow tools from my dad which are model and DIY tools the paint, glue, and brush which came in the starter pack. So today's blog will show you can work to get better tools.

We all have to start somewhere and at some point we all were beginners, Building models can be an expensive hobby, and. The tools can be a lot of money but I will share what I did when I started.

I started to build scale model's after my dad got me my first Spirit of Fire for Christmas and I didn't know what I needed I had to use what my dad got. The tools I had in the house is a Hobby knife, Tweezers, Cutters, Revell paint, Revell glue, and Revell brush.

On new year's eve to new years day, I was streaming building my first model. I edited it and put it on my youtube channel, At this moment I got a new model and learned I need a cutting mat and something to hold the model together when drying and sanding paper so got some elastic bands and my dad got some sanding paper, In about 4 weeks and with doing other models I started to get seen in the scale model community and some people gave me tips to help me build and on tools mostly 3, From when I started I was hand painting my models yes you can see the brush strokes and brush hairs and things I missed but it's a good way to get started. The tools I got recommended to get are Side Cutting Nippers, Hand Drill, and Sanding pads, sanding sticks.

After some months I was still building and streaky hand painting and also streaming and having fun and learning.

In time I got better tools but I was building with the tools for almost a year and I stopped hand painting and started spray can painting and then airbrush and now I have branded tools and so on, What I am trying to say is yes branded or recommended tools are needed but you can do a good job unbranded when you are starting up by just using cheap or what you have in the house I did and for almost a year it worked great. I just took my time and the upgraded tools when I needed to.

Tip #1

You can still build models with the tools around the house, Yes might be wrong but in time you can get the better tools when I got started I thought getting models and building and learning and getting better with the building was more important than tools and the ones I had been doing the job.

Tip #2

With me, I started to see I am going to be building daily and it was going to take up most of my day, This was helping my mental health and stopped me from going down a bad road and I wanted to keep going. I also like making videos and streaming and chatting with people.

The hobby is already expensive and the tools can be too. The tools I started off with were my dad's DIY tools and because we were moving house I was finding my mum's old tools and I was also using the. The tools I had was too big or not right for the job but they worked I was using my mum's and dad's tools for almost 8 months, and I slowly got a stock of models and started to get branded, and liked most of my kits are Tamiya and yes can be costly but sometime's it pays to be either branded or recommended. The good things in life don't come easy.

Tip #3

Why did I wait for 8 or more months before I start to get more and better tools I was looking around the internet and I was also editing videos and posting and asking on social media, and I found out Tamiya is the most costly and most used brand out there and I started with there tape spray cans and then got the tools but still building?

Tip #4

Lastly, if you know what you are building, The tools will come together, Some modeling will need other tools, With me, I have many tools that can help me build other models and now I build mostly model 1/24 scale cars, and the tools I am building up now help me build better models, Like a tank what I am building at the moment (01/06/22) with my dad I am not using the tools I will use for my cars,

Closing Statement

What I am trying to say is you need to have the basic tools to start with good luck and have the fun model building. Please leave a comment below.

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