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My review of Fujimi Lamborghini Aventador LP-700-4

I build my first Lamborghini it was for a social media build-off for a shop called Kent Model's and every month they do a new theme the Lamborghini was for June 2022. The photo you will see next is mine.

I have only been building and entering their build-off for just under 2 years now (19/07/22) I love taking part it's more about having fun to me, I also like what can come with a build-off sometimes it can be anything – everything your readers help you to build and learn has been a help.

My review of Fujimi Lamborghini Aventador LP-700-4.

Welcome to my first review blog and my first Lamborghini build, I thought it will be nice to do them both in one blog so here we go. I have also shared my photo's on Instagram, I have also got them on Facebook, and videos on Youtube.

In the box you get everything even, drifting wheel, I wanted to go out of the box here so I used colours where it should be blog and grey but if you build it right you can have the doors opening, That's also in the box,


What I think of the kit

The kit was great to build but in some part's Fujimi could of done better, But for £30 I still think its good,

One of the things I don't like is the engine it could of been made it better for detail but they didn't and allow you build the engine too, But you can still paint it to seem look like its is more then what it is but you would need to do that. The body was good just needed to be sanded down that's ok but some of the lines you need to be gone you can't get to without hard work, Butting the inside and under the car together was very easy. It started to get hard when I started to but the body together The window's and everything had to be left for few days and the yellow part's on my model was hard to try and glue on with out spoiling the paint work, I found the glue you use for your windows will work best so when some glue to go on the paint if you before it drys it will come off easier,

How lond did the build last for?

Because of the build-off I only had 4 week's to build in and I also had two of them to paint not to build but 2 to paint that's only because I didn't know what to paint it like. But it took me till the 04/07/22 I was building it from morning to night and that was the only one I was building at the time. I am not saying speed pay's it don't just take your time and go as fast as you like.

Will you get a other?

Yes I will before I start get a other, I am starting to build top end car's now and customing the paint work so doing the lambo it was great and it's the start of my top end build's. I have built more top end's now, With custom paint it's great fun not knowing how its going to coming out like.

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