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Welcome to Dudley's blog, This blog is about building photobooth/light box for taking photo's of scale model build's or in my case model 1/24 scale car most of the time.

You can buy a already built light box/photobooth what is £20+ But it might be to big or small or not right for you, and it also might not work when you get it. With building your own you can keep the cost down and get stuff you want and get it to fit where you want it to and you know it will work to.

I do want to say first, You can do this a lot of other ways,

One way is gettinga big cardpaper with Q-Connect FoldBack Clip and something to put on the wall and put the cardpaper on then but the Fold back clips on, The clips will keep it there and so it will not move, Sadly I never did this, but I have seen people do it and shared to, but it's a good and cheap way to do it, I have worked out to £26 and that is with over cost on paper, It can be cheaper.

The other way is by getting some corner wood and getting tissue paper, But this way can wip very easy and not good for moving around but if you want it stronger you can make the top and bottom stornger by adding more wood and making them out of cardboard and painting doing that will add more cost and again you need Q-Connect FoldBack Clip and cardpaper that is £26 on top of this cost, But for just the basic I will cost to build is £19 yes it's only £19 but you will need more wood.

That's the only other two I know about and seen on youtube when I was looking to build mine. But the next one I am going to share in a bit is of how I build it and part's I have used.

You will need there's tool's



Cutting mat


You will need there's part's


Tissue paper

Foarm board

You will need there's for camare



The one I built it took me about 1 hr but I was recording. I also did use gluffs because of the glue, I used a ruler and a knife to cut a line down on the foam board to make the side's first then did the top and bottom.

But if your have the space to have desk lamp's what is better, I didn't have the space, But if you do you will need to cut a hole on the side cut part's of your light box. But you will need to use Tissue Paper. But I didn't do that because where it's going and I wanted abit to big so I can fit other sizer's in the booth, I used the same light I did in the paintbooth it was a SOAIY 3 Light Mode Desk Light I but it on the top after I but it all together with using glue but if you need to keep moving the box you can and make it so you can fold it up by using tape but I didn't do that so sorry don't know how to do that but I would think it will be like glue so the corner's and have one where when you pick it up you can fold it up, But like I said I build mine to keep up all the time,

I didn't get cardpaper I used Tissue Paper for the background, Doing that is because so in the photos the background wont have the corner and shadows and using cardpaper or in my case tissue paper it will make it look smooth in the background, It's like when you go to a do photo shoot if you look at the background it's the same.

My build cost me to get it up and the part's was £32 and I don't have to add any other parts and I only used one Foam Board and 2 or 1 Tissue Paper,

The part's
The Part's

When you use my Amazon Afilliate link the money will help me keep going what I do for DSMC.

The Tool's
The Tool's

Here is my video if you wish to watch

Thank you for reading my blog

If you want to see my photo's using my photobooth/light box Dudley's Eye what is my photograpy instagram page.

Daniel Dudley

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