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Dudley's Tool for decal's for scale building

Updated: Apr 11

Here is the youtube video I have done for this blog, Please remember to like and subscribe.

The Tool's

Before I start I just want to say I have got a Amazon Associates here is the link, You can get most of the tool's here, You can also just click on the list of the tool's you want.

Dudley's Tool's
Full Tool set

Today's blog is to try and help you and share my way of doing decal's for scale model's.

I do want to start by saying I am not the best at this and doing decals is not my best think with doing Scale model's, But this way works great and the tools I use do also work too. I also work in a shed at the bottom of my garden So getting hot water is hard work, so I use a flask to help keep the water hot and to get to the shed.

How I start doing my decal is get hot water, cut out the decal's I need to but on the model make space on work top.

When I am doing the carbon fibre it's abit harder to do, I do the same and use the same to get it ready, but get the part of the model I want the but carbon fibre on and using masking tape on the model and get a pen and mark out the stape of the part, Take it off the part then but it on card and cut it out, If needed save the cut out, Get carbon fibre then cut around the card.

Now you need the hot water and something to but the water in, I had to learn the hard way and someone also told me using hot water make it easyer and faster to get the decal ready to use, So but the decal into the hot water then using tweezers push it down on the bottom of the water if can but them all in at once only if you can, Get your model and get the place you want your decal go using the same water and a clean ear buds and use it on the space you what the decal then get the Micro Sol then get the decal you want to use the place it down using the tooth pick and move it untill it look's right, leave it for abit, If you have got more then one do the other's and be carvel then come back to it using Micro Set and then using a ear bud get the rest of the water off the model and then use a wet wipe to clean it, Then leave for a bit then after get clear on the model then do what you do at the end of your model. Back on the carbon fiber decal's get the carbon decal you have cut out and like the nomal decal's get hot water then do the same, Carbon Fibre is hard work and need's more time and you will need to take your time and be carful, When the carbon fibre decal is on the model you will need to use the ear buds to get the water from under the carbon fibre then using your hand's and been carful when moving the carbon fibre to fit and look right,

Then after that get a other ear bud with abit of Micro Sol to make it smoth and get the carners and headses smooth at this point you need to use the ear bud and a heat gun this will help to make the carbon fibre and decal smooth out easier, leave it for a bit if needed do the other part then come back to it need's more work do it the same, then it should be done then get the Micro Set on leave it for a bit then get a wet wipe clean it then after a bit get the clear on the model.

I also had to learn this the hard way, I put the clear coat of lacker on last after the decal's to make the decal's stick and stay on when you cleaning it and when you are taking the dust of the model, and to stop you knocking the decal off the model.

The way I do my carbon fiber decal's can be used to do big decal's too. But please remember this is my way and this way work's for me and I wanted to try and help people with sharing my way, But your way is good if it work's what matter's if the decal's don't rip and look wong at the end of it all.

Thank you

Daniel Dudley

There will be a basic tool blog to come but there will be just a video, photo and list with links

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